All About Your Mediport

Chemotherapy Mediports are sometimes recommended for patients who need ongoing intravenous (IV) medication. Rather than inserting a line every time, nurses and doctors can supply treatment via a device called a mediport.

If your doctor has suggested placing one of these devices, you may be wondering what the process is like, how long you’ll need to wear it, and what the removal process is. This quick and easy guide will tell you everything you need to know.

How a Mediport Works

Also known as an implanted venous access port, mediports are designed to simplify medical treatments by eliminating the need to continuously insert IV needles into your arm.

The port is a small device that goes just under the skin and connects to a catheter, which enters your bloodstream. Doctors can then easily attach medication as needed to deliver chemotherapy drugs and other medications. This eliminates the need to continuously place needles in the thin veins in your hands or arms every time you require treatment.

What to Expect From Placement

A mediport is placed in a surgical setting (often outpatient) with anesthesia, though you may not need to be entirely asleep for the process. More likely, the surgeon will numb the area where the port will be placed and make a small incision in the skin to insert the device.

The catheter is threaded through a vein using ultrasound technology to guide it; the vein connects to your heart and the end of the catheter rests just above it. After surgery, the insertion site will have a bandage placed over it. The majority of patients return home a few hours afterward.


You will have to wear the port for the duration of treatment; afterward, it can be easily removed through a similar surgical procedure. Recovery varies from patient to patient, depending on the type of sedation they receive; generally speaking, it will take approximately seven days before you can completely resume all normal activities.

Don’t worry; your surgeon and our medical team will guide you through the process and everything you need to know.

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