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Are you ready to embrace the freedom of movement and beauty that comes with healthier legs? At Midatlantic Vascular & Interventional in Washington, D.C., we understand that varicose veins can affect more than just your appearance – they can impact your comfort and lifestyle. That’s why Dr. Rishi Sood and his dedicated team offer personalized care with minimally invasive services, including treatments for varicose veins.

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Our goal is to help you quickly return to an active lifestyle, free from the pain and aesthetic concerns of varicose veins. Let us help you step forward confidently with healthier, more attractive legs.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins visible on your skin's superficial layer. They’re most commonly found on a person’s legs because standing, walking, and running significantly increase the pressure within the veins.

In most cases, varicose veins are usually a mild cosmetic issue. However, there are cases where varicose veins are a sign of a much deeper problem. They can also potentially cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, there are options available to help get rid of your existing varicose veins.

How Do You Treat Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are easy to spot, but Dr. Sood will perform a physical exam to diagnose the issue. During this examination, the doctor will feel your veins while you are sitting and standing. If a more in-depth look is required, he’ll perform an ultrasound to uncover any potential blood clots.

When it comes to treating varicose veins, you have several treatment options to help you find relief and comfort. Here are three common treatment methods:


Sclerotherapy is especially suitable for spider veins and smaller varicose veins. You'll receive an injection of a special solution into the vein, causing it to collapse and fade over a few weeks. This procedure, typically done in the office, doesn't require anesthesia and may need several sessions to achieve optimal results.


Painful and discolored bulging veins in the legs can be treated using small catheters. In the VenaSeal procedure, Dr. Sood will use an ultrasound and then glue shut varicose veins. Patients can walk immediately after the procedure, and there is no need for multiple injections, which is the case in sclerotherapy.

Laser Treatments

If you have smaller varicose veins or spider veins, laser treatment could be an ideal non-invasive solution. The procedure uses intense bursts of light targeted at the vein, causing it to gradually disappear. This method is known for its precision and minimal discomfort, allowing you to return to daily activities soon after treatment.

Dr. Sood can discuss these treatments with you to determine which one aligns best with your health needs and lifestyle.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

In short, varicose veins are caused by an increase in blood pressure. That means people develop varicose veins for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting and standing for extended periods of time
  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Living an inactive lifestyle
  • Age
  • The vein valves are either weak or damaged

One thing to note about varicose veins is that they affect women more than men. This is because of the hormonal changes women go through during their menstrual period or for the duration of their pregnancy.

Why Choose Midatlantic Vascular & Interventional

Midatlatic Vascular & Interventional, led by the renowned Dr. Rishi R. Sood, offers a unique and comprehensive approach to treating varicose veins and a range of other vascular issues. Unlike many labs that focus solely on arterial conditions, our clinic provides a broad spectrum of minimally invasive vascular services. 

Dr. Sood, a D.C. metropolitan native, operates in a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of personalized care without the intimidation of a hospital setting. Choose our team for expert care in convenient locations throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

Many patients with varicose veins are concerned about whether the condition is dangerous, but they’re harmless in most cases. However, there are rare cases where varicose veins cause serious health complications.

These complications can include deep vein thrombosis (DVT), superficial thrombophlebitis, and pulmonary embolism. Dr. Sood will perform an examination to determine whether or not your varicose veins will cause any problems.

How Do I Know Which Varicose Vein Treatment Is Right for Me?

The best treatment for your varicose veins depends on the size, location, and severity of the veins, as well as your overall health and medical history. Your vascular specialist will recommend the most appropriate treatment based on a thorough diagnostic evaluation, which may include an ultrasound.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Varicose Vein Treatments?

Recovery times can vary depending on the type of treatment you undergo. Sclerotherapy often requires no downtime, while surgery might need a few weeks for full recovery. It's important to follow your doctor's advice on activity levels to ensure a smooth recovery.

Can Varicose Veins Reappear After Treatment?

While treatment can remove existing varicose veins, it does not prevent new ones from forming. Lifestyle changes and ongoing management may be necessary to prevent further varicose veins.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changes I Can Make to Help Manage or Prevent Varicose Veins?

Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding prolonged standing or sitting, and wearing compression stockings can help manage and reduce the risk of developing varicose veins.

What Are the Risks Associated With Varicose Vein Treatments?

Like all medical procedures, treatments for varicose veins come with potential risks. These can include nerve damage, infection, blood clots, and changes in skin pigmentation. Discussing these risks with Dr. Sood can help you make a well-informed decision.

These questions address common concerns and provide valuable information for individuals considering treatment options for varicose veins.

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