To Stand or Not To Stand

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To Stand or Not To Stand

Believe it or not, when it comes to urinating with prostate issues- sitting down may be the best choice.

According to research from the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, “sitting down to pee allows for a more favorable urodynamic profile”. This means, roughly, the flow of uring is stronger which can help keep prostate symptoms at bay.

Researchers found that when men stand at a urinal, muscles around the lower abdomen, pelvis, and spine are activated- which can actually prevent proper and complete urination- and, in turn, adversely affect the prostate.

This kind of study isn’t new. The researchers stated that “Ever since men had the choice to urinate either standing or sitting, the optimal voiding position ( squatting) has been a topic of discussion.” However, they acknowledged that “Only a handful of studies have investigated the effects of voiding posture on urodynamic parameters by comparing the standing versus the sitting position.” Therefore they went further and conducted a meta-analysis of studies regarding Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms ( LUTS).

After analyzing a whopping 2,352 publications and 96 studies, the team was able to narrow down the material to the most viable studies.

What did they find?

They found that the findings were consistent across each study, saying “We found that in patients with LUTS the sitting position is associated with a trend towards a more favorable urodynamic profile.” The profile confirmed each measure they hypothesized about: When men with LUTS sat down to urinate, they did so faster, longer, at a greater pressure, and released more urine than men with LUTS who stood.

Sitting down to urinate is especially beneficial to older men with prostate problems. According to urologist Jamin Brahmbhatt M.D., in an interview published in the online publication Fatherly, “Men may start peeing sitting if their prostates are large and they need to help relax the pelvic muscles in an effort to help push the urine out.” As a result of emptying their bladders more effectively, these men can reduce the risks of cysts and a bevy of other health complications.

In Japan, a new study has shown that since the beginning of the pandemic more Japanese men than ever, are sitting down for relief. The study found that 70% of men sit, compared to 51% a few years back. There is also evidence to support a cultural change surrounding the habit in Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Though there are many health benefits to sitting versus standing, let’s not overlook another contributing factor as to why more men are sitting down to pee- many mothers and partners want them to. Why? It’s quieter, it’s cleaner, and they never have to tell you to put down the toilet seat, again.

So whether you sit or stand to urinate, is ultimately up to you. However, if you do have a prostate condition, or are struggling with LUTS, maybe give sitting down the old college try. It could help you feel better, sleep better, and… it could make your partner happy to never have to put the seat down again.

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