Fibroids and Discomfort in the Bedroom

Fibroids and Discomfort in the Bedroom 645d50362de59.png

Fibroids and Discomfort in the Bedroom

There are many ways in which uterine fibroids can cause pain and discomfort that can impact a woman’s sex life.

In fact, the relationship between fibroids and painful sex has been well-documented in studies such as this one.

Though the constant pressure and the location of a fibroid or fibroids can contribute to pain and discomfort during sex, these are not the only ways in which fibroids can cause sexual health issues.

Some of the other ways that fibroids can impact sexual health are:

Vaginal Dryness:

Due to the hormone imbalances that contribute to fibroid growth, many women report experiencing vaginal dryness. These symptoms can make sex painful, and cause irritation and even tearing of vaginal tissues.

Irregular Periods/Extended Periods:

One of the most common symptoms of fibroids is periods that can last upwards of 10 days. Bleeding can also happen at random times during the month.

Both long periods and random bleeding can create problems for a woman’s sex life by making sex unpleasant, awkward, and uncomfortable.

Heavy Bleeding

Along with irregular periods and periods that can last up to 10 days, fibroids can also cause heavy bleeding. This bleeding can have serious consequences from weakness, extreme fatigue, nausea, and even anemia. The dizziness and fatigue that can come from heavy blood loss definitely take a toll on one’s sex life.

Frequent Urination

It’s hard to be present with a sexual partner, with the constant need to urinate. Frequent urination, urgency, and even urinary incontinence are all symptoms of uterine fibroids.

These symptoms can not only interfere with sex, but due to an inability to empty the bladder completely, urinary symptoms can lead to post-sex urinary tract infections.

Body Image Issues

Fibroids can cause a lot of physical discomfort, which includes pelvic pain, pressure, and bloating. Bloating, as well as larger fibroids which can distort and distend the abdomen, can also distort a woman’s perception of her body.  Leading her to feel less attractive, less confident, and out of touch with her own body.

In some cases, large fibroids can even make a woman look pregnant, which can be awkward, especially when asked questions like “When are you due?”

Low Libido

Needless to say, all of the aforementioned issues caused by uterine fibroids, from vaginal dryness and painful sex to extreme fatigue and poor body image- can adversely diminish any desire to have sex, let alone enjoy it.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help decrease fibroid symptoms that have a negative impact on sexual relationships.

In our next article, we will take a look at what some of those things are.

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